The second six weeks

As the leaves start to change, I start to think about how close we are to the fun holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  Football season is in full swing and the weather is finally cooling off.

For those of us in public education, we are exactly in the middle of the semester;  halfway through the second 6 weeks.  This is the part of the year where the new has worn off and we are in full swing.

How do we keep students engaged?  This is the test of true teaching.  Teachers must up their game and get creative with the lessons.  They must take the time to prepare so that they can reach every student in the classroom.  At the same time, the teachers start looking at data from assessments to see where they need to improve and step up their game.

For the administrators, we must also step up our game.  The campus improvement plan that we worked so hard on over the summer?  Yes, remember that one?  It wasn’t just to have something to do to pass the time.  It is a real, live, working document that must become our compass for the year.  Time to get it out and dust it off and give it another look.  We all have to tighten our belts and concentrate on our campus mission and the goals tied to that mission.

We are in it for the kids and we must be all about the kids otherwise we need to remove ourselves from public education and find employment where the stakes are not so high.  The kids are our future.

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